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SOLO/ORAY AAL (ஒரே ஆள்)

SOLO/ORAY AAL (ஒரே ஆள்) is a bilingual monologue showcase that was originally staged in 2021 at Drama Centre Black Box, Singapore. SOLO, which is also known as ORAY AAL in Tamil, is a bilingual theatre production that consists of six monologues in total – 3 in Tamil and 3 in English. The theme for 2021’s SOLO/ORAY AAL was FIGHT. This theme was inspired by COVID-19 lockdown in Singapore. SITFE felt that having this theme would be the most appropriate for a production of this format, where we wanted to know the types of fight one has. We invited writers to share with us the types of fights they are having in their lives or what they have heard or seen of others. In this production, with the intention to bring both theatre veterans and new theatre practitioners together, we have put together a different writers, actors and directors.